Mission, Values & Goals


We are a public agency dedicated to providing a safe, high quality, reliable, and sustainable water supply to meet our community’s present and future needs in an environmentally sensitive and economically responsible manner.


Our values represent the District's culture and address the question "What do we stand for?". Core questions accompany our core values and should be asked when major policy decisions are being considered by the Board and/or when day-to-day business actions are being conducted by our employees to determine if the decision/action is in conformance with our core values.


Core Value Question

Fairness, Honesty, Ethics, Inclusivity, Transparency & ConsistencyDoes the decision/action treat all concerned fairly, honestly, and ethically? Does the decision/action reflect inclusivity, transparency, and consistency?
Quality Customer ServiceDoes the decision/action reflect respectful, responsive, and empowering customer service?
Holistic Environmental StewardshipDoes the decision/action consider the impact to the environment holistically, including groundwater, surface water, biota, climate change, etc.? 
Sustainability, Resiliency & Long-Term ThinkingDoes the decision/action display long-term thinking regarding sustainability and resiliency in all aspects (ranging from the environment, infrastructure to finance)?
Community, Relationships & CollaborationDoes the decision/action promote collaboration and enhance relationships with others?
Commitment & DedicationDoes the decision/action show commitment and dedication to support to the mission of the District and recognize the value of water as a precious resource?


Our goals are broad statements that illustrate our desired outcomes. These primary goals address the question "What does the District aim to achieve?"

  1. Water Resource Management and Sustainability: Implement sustainable solutions with regional partners to meet the long-term water supply needs of our customers, community, and environment.
  2. Infrastructure and Delivery: Maintain reliable and resilient water infrastructure and ensure delivery of high-quality, safe water.
  3. Community Engagement and Trust: Continue to build upon our relationships and communication with our customers, interested parties, and the community to further increase trust in our agency.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure long-term fiscal responsibility and proactive fiscal management.
  5. Customer Service: Provide respectful, responsive, and empowering customer service.
  6. Workforce and Organizational Excellence: Maximize appropriate training and growth opportunities and support strong and knowledgeable board governance.