Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency

Stage 3 Water Supply Shortage Extended Through 2022 & 2023

The Board of Directors voted to approve Resolution 19-08, declaring a continued Stage 3 Water Supply Shortage at their regularly scheduled meeting on April 19, 2022. No Emergency Rates were adopted. Stage 3 restrictions will remain in place until rescinded by the Board.

Soquel Creek Water District has been in Stage 3 since 2014 due to our community's long-term groundwater supply shortage and the threat of seawater intrusion to our water supply.

Our conservation goal in 2022 and early 2023 is to collectively use 25% less water than our expected highest usage of 3,900 acre-feet per year. To achieve this goal, we are encouraging an efficient residential water use of 50 gallons per person per day or less.

More information about the water shortage declaration can be found in the 2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency Guidelines

  • Efficient Water Use Guideline: During the Stage 3 Water Shortage in 2022 and early 2023, efficient water use is defined as an annual average of 50 gallons per person, per day. This is a general guideline only as each household is unique.
  • Car Washing Restriction: Use of a recycled water car wash is preferred. However, vehicles may be washed at home if done efficiently. Water should not run off of the property, where possible. Efficient car washing includes any of the three methods: a waterless spray, a bucket and hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle, and/or a pressure washer. All methods should minimize water running off of the property.
  • Exterior Structure Washing Restriction: No exterior washing of structures unless for sanitation and health purposes, or if preparing to paint or stain and a pressure washer is used.
  • Save Water Signage Requirement: Commercial and institutional customer must display Water Shortage Emergency/Use Water Wisely signage. Click here for the latest Water Shortage signage for your use. 

Rules of Water Waste

Our Water Waste rules are always in effect.