Community Water Plan

Planning for a Reliable Water Supply is Top Priority

In order to protect our endangered groundwater resources, ensure water reliability and resiliency to our customers, and prepare for climate change and other future challenges we may face, the District developed an action-oriented Community Water Plan. The Community Water Plan is based on community input, our Urban Water Management Plan, and serves as the District's roadmap to meeting our goal of sustainability by 2040. Working together, we can protect our limited and precious water supply today and for future generations.

Community Water Plan Components

This plan is multi-faceted and includes the following:

  • Promoting water conservation and our water neutral development to reduce groundwater extractions
  • Being proactive with groundwater management to protect our aquifers from seawater intrusion
  • Developing supplemental water supplies to meet our water needs. Our groundwater hydrologists have calculated we need 1,500-acre feet (af) of supplemental water per year to bring our portion of the basin out of overdraft. To put that in perspective, one-acre foot of water covers a football field one foot deep. The solution will likely involve a combination of regional supplemental water supply options in collaboration and partnership with others.

Educating the community about water planning is key to protecting our groundwater basin, promoting water conservation, and developing a supplemental supply. A diversified water portfolio is essential to our ability to provide a reliable water supply, adapt to climate change impacts, and meet water quality requirements. Planning for our water future will allow us to protect the environment and maintain our community as a wonderful place to live and work.

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