Commercial Construction

Commercial Development Concept

The following commercial project types must be assessed for water service requirements by the District:

  • All new commercial developments
  • Commercial expansions and/or changes in use 

Water service requirements for commercial projects may include a new water service, additional metering, a change in meter size, and/or new District infrastructure.  Note, for new service line installations, the customer is responsible for hiring a qualified contractor and paying for a new service in addition to the fees listed below.


Projects which require a new domestic service or a change in domestic service size will follow this process:

Larger or more complex projects that may require a mainline extension, more than one hydrant, or other improvements beyond a new service may require an infrastructure agreement. These projects require assessment on a case-by-case basis by District staff, but these projects typically follow this process:


The total District fees for new water service for commercial construction are best assessed on a case-by-case basis. A customized estimate will be prepared after an application with a detailed project description is submitted. 

Apply for New Water Service

To apply for new water service and request a Will Serve letter for a commercial project, please fill out the online form, and District staff will follow up as soon as possible.

Fire Service Only

If the project does not need a will-serve letter for your permitting process, but the fire department is requiring changes or upgrades to the fire protection system, please fill out the new fire service online form.  

Residential Development Project

If you have a residential development project, please reference the Residential Construction page