New Service - Commercial

Commercial Development ConceptAll new and expanded commercial developments, as well as commercial businesses changing use, must be assessed by the District to determine their new water service or other requirements. If your commercial business is changing use, you must also be assessed for water service requirements.

If you would like to apply for service or request more information, please email us with the appropriate information. Please contact us for more information as early in your planning process as possible.

Residential Development Project

If you have a residential development project, please reference the Residential Water Service page.

Fire Service

If you only require a fire service for your project, please reference the Fire Service page.


Fees due to the District must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a customized estimate. Generally, the following fees are applied to all commercial projects:


Simple Projects

Simple projects, which do require additional District infrastructure to serve it, will follow the general process:

Complex Projects

Larger and more complex projects may require additional District infrastructure. In that case, these projects will follow the general process:

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