Residential Construction

All residential development projects where new dwelling units are added must be assessed by the District to determine new water service requirements. District Ordinance No. 22-03 Section II.4.E.1 requires that all residential units be supplied through individually metered service connections, supplied, and monitored by the District, except as prohibited by law. Depending on the proposed development, different application procedures and fees will apply.

Single-Family Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units

All new construction single-family homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in our service area are required to have a District water service. Conversion or internal ADUs are not required to install a new water service. View the ADU Requirements (PDF) to determine if your ADU is considered a conversion ADU. 

Minor Land Divisions, Residential Subdivisions, Townhomes, and Apartments

Some residential projects may require additional District infrastructure to serve them adequately. These projects are generally larger and/or more complex and require assessment on a case-by-case basis. District staff will assist you in determining what may be required for your project. 

Apply for New Water Service

To apply for new water service and request a Will Serve letter, please fill out the online form, and District staff will follow up as soon as possible. Note, for new service line installations, the customer is responsible for hiring a qualified contractor and paying for a new service in addition to the fees listed on the New Water Service Charges for Common Residential Developments (PDF)

Fire Service Only

If your project doesn’t meet the above criteria, but the fire department is requiring a new fire service or fire hydrant for your project, please reference the Remodels & Fire Service page