Stage 3 Water Shortage

Declaration of a Stage 3 Water Shortage and Groundwater Emergency

The Board of Directors declared a continued Stage 3 groundwater emergency May 3, 2016. Soquel Creek Water District has been in Stage 3 since 2014 due to our community’s long-term groundwater shortage compounded by the current drought.  The District has also declared a Groundwater Emergency which recognizes that our groundwater supply is in overdraft and seawater intrusion is being detected at our coastline. Thanks to our community’s successful water-efficiency efforts, we achieved a 28% savings last year. Maintaining the current level of conservation will help us continue to protect our groundwater while we develop new water sources. Stage 3 restrictions will remain in place until rescinded by the Board.

Our conservation goal in 2017 is to collectively use 25% less water than in 2013.

Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency

Temporary Stage 3 Measures for 2017:

  • Stage 3 Emergency water rates continued from 2014 drought declaration.
  • Efficient Water Use Guideline: During the Stage 3 Water Shortage in 2017 efficient water use is defined as an annual average of 50 gallons per person, per day. This is a general guideline only as each household is unique. Customers can use the redesigned monthly water bills to track how they’re doing and do their part to help our community continue achieving its conservation goal.

  • Car Washing Restriction: Use of a recycled water car wash is preferred however, vehicles may be washed at home if done efficiently. Water should not run off of the property, where possible.  Efficient car washing includes any of the three methods: a waterless spray, a bucket and hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle, and/or a pressure washer. All methods should minimize water running off of the property.

  • Exterior Structure Washing Restriction: No exterior washing of structures unless for sanitation and health purposes, or if preparing to paint or stain and a pressure washer is used.

  • Save Water Signage Requirement: Businesses and institutions must display provided signage encouraging conservation and reporting of water waste.

In addition, enforcement continues of our water waste ordinance, which is always in effect year-round. Thank you for continuing your efforts to use water efficiently! 

Statewide Drought Information

On May 9, 2016 California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order building on existing statewide emergency water restrictions and establishing long-term water conservation measures.  Soquel Creek Water District is already meeting or exceeding the governor's orders due to our long-term groundwater shortage. The District sends required monthly reports to the State.

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