Water Wisdom

The Soquel Creek Water District runs a monthly column called "Water Wisdom" in the Aptos Times and the Capitola/Soquel Times.  "Water Wisdom" is designed to deliver insightful perspectives on managing water.

True or False? - February 2017

There’s a lot of talk these days about “fake” news, “alternative facts”, and general mistrust of the media. With multiple sources of news available, it’s important to understand and separate the information from misinformation that we all are bombarded with.  For example, take a look at these recent statements that have been made about mid-county water issues - which ones do you think are true and which ones are false?

Reflecting on 2016 and Leaping into 2017 - January 2017

Happy New Year!  Soquel Creek Water District is proud to be an integral part of the Santa Cruz Mid-County community for over 55 years.  To kick off 2017, we’d like to reflect back on a few of our key moments in 2016:

Pure Water Soquel: Evaluation of Groundwater Replenishment seeks public input - December 2016

We are very excited to dedicate our entire column this month on Soquel Creek Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment Project, recently named Pure Water Soquel.  Evaluation of the project is currently underway. Please take a moment to learn about our water supply challenges, the proposed project, and ways to learn more and to participate in the evaluation process.

Winter Surface Water Pilot Project - A Careful Transition - November 2016

As we’ve mentioned in our previous columns, Soquel Creek Water District (District) has been working with the City of Santa Cruz Water Department (City) on a 5-year pilot project to purchase a small amount of treated surface water (also referred to as river water), if available in the winter months.  This project would introduce a new source of supply into our distribution system which solely has been groundwater since the District was founded in 1961.  While the opportunity to pump less groundwater in the winter by purchasing treated surface water from the City may provide a benefit for the