Water Wisdom

The Soquel Creek Water District runs a monthly column called "Water Wisdom" in the Aptos Times and the Capitola/Soquel Times.  "Water Wisdom" is designed to deliver insightful perspectives on managing water.

Many Layers of Groundwater Awareness - March 2018

Raising awareness of groundwater is extremely important locally since ALL our water supply in the Santa Cruz Mid-County region comes from a complex groundwater basin comprised of two aquifers, the Purisima Formation and the Aromas Red Sands. Although we, including our hydrologists and others representing  the county, state, and federal  officials, have been studying these aquifers for more than 60 years, our knowledge and understanding of our local groundwater resources is continuously expanding as more data is gathered, water use changes, climate changes, and new wells are drilled.

District Receives $2 Million Dollar Planning Grant for Pure Water Soquel Project - February 2018

by: Melanie Mow Schumacher, P.E., Special Projects-Communications Manager

January brought the Soquel Creek Water District some very exciting news from the California State Water Resources Control Board! We’ve been awarded a grant under the state’s Proposition 1 funding program for up to $2 million dollars to further evaluate our proposed groundwater replenishment project, Pure Water Soquel.

A Productive Year, a Positive Future - December 2017/January 2018

by: Dr. Tom LaHue, Vice-President, Soquel Creek Water District Board of Directors

It’s AND not OR - November 2017

This month, I’d like to offer some clarifications regarding Soquel Creek Water District’s approach to developing new water supplies, and help reduce any misunderstandings that people may have. 

H20: Humans vs. Earth - October 2017

Last month my son, who is a freshman at Soquel High School, had to write a persuasive essay for his geography class on his opinion of what has a greater impact:  humans on Earth or Earth on humans – with an added emphasis on specifics within Santa Cruz County.