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Invitation to Customers of Soquel Creek Water District to Participate in Water Rates Advisory Committee

The Soquel Creek Water District is seeking customers to volunteer their time to participate in the water rate-setting process for 2019. 

Soquel Creek Water District Removes Option of Treating Raw Wastewater

Soquel Creek Water District Removes Option of Treating Raw Wastewater. Pure Water Soquel Project to Focus on Obtaining Treated Water for Proposed Advanced Water Purification Facility.

WaterFlix – Have you seen these water films?

This winter – with the relentless stormy days and flu/cold season in full swing – it may be an opportune time to stretch out on the couch, grab a blanket and some popcorn, and watch a movie. How about making your next movie binge all about water? Many people are keenly aware of water-related movies such as “Chinatown” or “Cadillac Desert,” but there are many, many others to choose from. Filmmakers have often utilized the precious resource of water and its importance as a central theme in their storylines – and those stories couldn’t be more timely.

True or False? - February 2017

There’s a lot of talk these days about “fake” news, “alternative facts”, and general mistrust of the media. With multiple sources of news available, it’s important to understand and separate the information from misinformation that we all are bombarded with.  For example, take a look at these recent statements that have been made about mid-county water issues - which ones do you think are true and which ones are false?

State Rolls Out New Lead Sampling in Schools Requirement

The State Water Resources Control Board launched its effort to encourage K-12 schools in California to have their drinking water tested for lead. As part of this effort, the State Board’s Division of Drinking Water issued amended permits that require community water systems to test for lead at the schools in their service areas if sampling is requested by school officials in writing. Schools covered by the requirement include public, private, charter, magnet and non-public K-12 schools. Preschools and day-care centers are not included.

Soquel Creek Water District Pledges to be a Green Business

The Soquel Creek Water District (District) Board of Directors unanimously adopted resolution 17-01, the Green Business Pledge to become a Green Business under the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, at the board meeting on January 17th. 

Soquel Creek Water District Assists Other Water Providers Affected by Storms

With the recent storms causing emergency water shortages in the City of Santa Cruz and the Town of Davenport, the Soquel Creek Water District (District) has stepped in to assist both its neighbors. The District is providing up to approximately 1 million gallons per day to Santa Cruz and 50,000 gallons per day to Davenport, as a short-term measure to help ensure continued water service to the people, homes, and businesses in those areas.

Reflecting on 2016 and Leaping into 2017 - January 2017

Happy New Year!  Soquel Creek Water District is proud to be an integral part of the Santa Cruz Mid-County community for over 55 years.  To kick off 2017, we’d like to reflect back on a few of our key moments in 2016:

Soquel Creek Water District has extended its public scoping period to Thursday, January 5, 2017

The District is currently evaluating a project, Pure Water Soquel, that would involve treating municipal wastewater with advanced purification methods and the injection of purified water into the groundwater basin to help address critical overdraft conditions in the Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Basin and prevent further seawater intrusion.