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Roy Sikes is a 2017 Community Hero

This year, our very own Roy Sikes, was one of 14 individuals who was honored Monday, November 20, 2017 as “Community Heroes” by the Community Assessment Project, a joint venture started by the United Way of Santa Cruz County. Community Heroes are distinctive individuals whose efforts help move Santa Cruz toward the achievement of the Community Assessment improvement goals established in 2015, for achievement by 2020. These true-life heroes can be found throughout our community and are wonderful examples of making Santa Cruz County a better place to live.

Soquel Creek Water District Certified as a Green Business

November 21, 2017

Contact: Melanie Mow Schumacher,  
Phone:  831-475-8501 x153
Soquel Creek Water District Certified as a Green Business

Soquel, CA (November 21, 2017) – The Soquel Creek Water District is proud to announce that it has been officially recognized as a Certified Green Business. This highly-regarded certification was provided through the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program.

Soquel Creek Water District Unveils Two New Videos

The District unveils two new educational/public outreach videos. These videos, along with other public outreach elements, will help community members gain a better understanding of the critical overdraft and seawater intrusion issues the local groundwater basin is facing – the area’s sole source of drinking water.

It’s AND not OR - November 2017

This month, I’d like to offer some clarifications regarding Soquel Creek Water District’s approach to developing new water supplies, and help reduce any misunderstandings that people may have. 

Update on Clubhouse Drive Water Main Replacement

  • Paving repairs to continue through this week, Oct. 23 – 27.  Major trench paving operations to occur Wednesday and Thursday, October 25 and 26.
  • St. Andrews Way at St. Andrews Drive will be closed to through traffic from 8:30 AM Wednesday Oct. 25th through 4:00 PM Thursday Oct. 26.
  • A final slurry seal coat will be applied in the area of construction in the Spring of 2018.

If you have any questions contact Mike Wilson at 831-475-8501 x122.

Winners Announced in “Imagine a Day Without Water” Poster Contest

The Soquel Creek Water District, San Lorenzo Valley Water District, City of Santa Cruz, City of Watsonville and the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County congratulates the winners of its “Imagine a Day Without Water” Poster Contest! This fun and enlightening activity, designed to help raise awareness about the critical importance of water to our everyday lives, ran from September 4 through October 2. The 87 entries in the contest offered a variety of art concepts that are big on imagination, creativity, and inspiration – all related to how our community would be impacted if there was no water.

H20: Humans vs. Earth - October 2017

Last month my son, who is a freshman at Soquel High School, had to write a persuasive essay for his geography class on his opinion of what has a greater impact:  humans on Earth or Earth on humans – with an added emphasis on specifics within Santa Cruz County.   I enjoyed watching him collect information and research historical data pertaining to our region and the impacts related to air, land, animals, and water.  He identified both positive and negative impacts.  Intrigued by his recent assignment, I thought I’d focus this month’s article on my perspectives on the impacts related to water

Imagine a Day Without Water is October 12 - September 2017

With all the division in our government, it is easy to forget there are some policy priorities that actually cut across party lines and geographical boundaries. Constituents may have different opinions on health care and tax reform, but they have a lot in common too. We all get up in the morning and brush our teeth, use the bathroom, and make coffee. Many of us commute to school or work. We travel with our families on summer vacations and for holidays. We buy groceries and eat at restaurants.

Santa Cruz County Water & Environmental Agencies Sponsor Poster Contest to “Imagine a Day Without Water”

As part of a national campaign to help raise awareness about the critical importance of water to our everyday lives, water and environmental agencies in Santa Cruz County are sponsoring an “Imagine a Day Without Water” poster contest for local residents.