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All of our single-family residential customers receive monthly 'home water reports'. These are informational-only and are meant to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to better...



Why El Niño is No Panacea

You might have noticed stories with predictions of a strong El Niño this winter starting to circulate in local media.  This, in turn, has sparked a lot of speculation about how this would affect our local water supplies, which have been impacted by four years of drought conditions.  The short answer here in the District and Mid-County area?  Not much.  Here’s why.

Request for proposals to prepare the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan for Soquel Creek Water District

Soquel Creek Water District is requesting proposals from qualified consultants or consultant teams to prepare the District’s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan(UWMP) in accordance with the California Urban Water Management Planning Act.

Recent and Ongoing Community Engagement - June 2015

One of our primary goals at the Soquel Creek Water District is community engagement.  This involves fostering relationships and open communication with our customers and the community-at-large.  We strive to provide excellent day-to-day customer service and accessible information through our website, on the phone, at community meetings, in-person at our office, and at your home or business.   As a local public agency, the District values community input and partnerships that help increase water awareness.