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The WaterSmart home water reports program will be ending in July due to exemplary efforts by our customers to save water, as well as...

The Urban Water Management Plan is now available for public review and comment. To review the Draft, please click on the link Draft...



Home Water Reports Program will be ending in July

Due to due to exemplary efforts by our customers to save water, as well as District budget cuts, the WaterSmart home water reports program is ending in July 2016. Please continue to save water and keep track of your water use history and monthly consumption on the water bill.

Public Hearing for Urban Water Management Plan

The Urban Water Management Plan 2015 is available for review. The Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) requires that water suppliers ensure adequate supplies for their current and future customers. Supplies and demands must be assessed over a 20-year planning horizon and must consider various water shortages, including short-term water supply emergencies and drought. Soquel Creek Water District will hold a public hearing on the Draft UWMP on June 7, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz at 7807 Soquel Drive, Aptos.

District Resumes Water Main Flushing and Cleaning Program

The District has resumed the Water Main Flushing and Cleaning Program due to the purchase of a NO-DES system that all but eliminates water waste during the flushing process. Water main flushing removes buildup in pipes that may cause discolored water. This is accomplished by opening fire hydrants. As the water flows at high velocities through the mains, scale and fine sediment are dislodged. The resulting discolored water leaves the distribution system through the open fire hydrants and is filtered out by the NO-DES system.