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Join us for 2nd part in our free 4-part Community Education Series! Participants will receive a Monitoring Well Demo, learn about what we monitor, why we monitor, about groundwater and how...



Free Coastal Monitoring Well Demonstration

Join us for a free demo of one of our coastal monitoring wells!

Soquel Creek Water District Removes Option of Treating Raw Wastewater

Soquel Creek Water District Removes Option of Treating Raw Wastewater. Pure Water Soquel Project to Focus on Obtaining Treated Water for Proposed Advanced Water Purification Facility.

WaterFlix – Have you seen these water films?

This winter – with the relentless stormy days and flu/cold season in full swing – it may be an opportune time to stretch out on the couch, grab a blanket and some popcorn, and watch a movie. How about making your next movie binge all about water? Many people are keenly aware of water-related movies such as “Chinatown” or “Cadillac Desert,” but there are many, many others to choose from. Filmmakers have often utilized the precious resource of water and its importance as a central theme in their storylines – and those stories couldn’t be more timely.